Driving Evaluation

 1. Pre-Driving Evaluation

  • During the Pre-Driving Evaluation, a Licensed Occupational Therapy/Certified Driving Rehabilitation Specialist will gather a detailed description of the client’s driving and medical history
  • Physical, visual, visual perceptual, and cognitive abilities will also be evaluated using assessment tools that have been associated with driving performance to identify driving sub-skills that may put the client at risk behind the wheel.

2. On-The-Road Assessment

  • A Certified Driving Instructor/Certified Driving Rehabilitation Specialist will observe the client’s driving performance using a variety of roadway situations.
  • This assessment will help determine the client’s ability to remain safe over a sustained period of time when presented with an array of real-time traffic challenges.

3. Driving Evaluation Results
Comprehensive evaluation results will be compiled in a detailed report outlining recommendations to improve client’s community mobility. Recommendations may include:

  • Identifying the adaptive equipment needed to compensate for age-related changes or injury/illness
  • On-the-road training with adaptive equipment to compensate for age-related changes or injury/illness
  • Occupational or physical therapy to remediate or learn to compensate for physical, visual, visual perception, or cognitive deficits
  • Establish a driving transition/community mobility plan
  • Identify alternative transportation methods